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Current Market News

Important News ! Mortgage Rates Fall !
There Are Great Strategies to SAVE

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30 yr. rates are still close to 4.0% (barely)! From a historical perspective rates are still EXCELLENT. But they are now at their highs for 2015.

Take 10 minutes to
Contact Us for a quick "mortgage check-up" and see if you may benefit.

Rates for FHA & VA mortgages are even lower!

There are a number of ways you can save money on your current mortgage or BUY a new home !
There is GOOD NEWS to take advantage of which could help increase your savings & reduce your debt. Home values have been increasing in most areas allowing many homeowners to refinance!

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These Change - So please check back in periodically

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Do You Have an ARM or a 30 Yr. Fixed Rate OVER 4.25% ?

Mortgage rates are currently falling. Take action NOW to lock in the best rates.
If your current rate is over 4.25% or you have an ARM :

You may be able to refinance for little to No Closing Costs (where the lender pays your closing costs) and benefit from significant savings. Or if you currently are in an ARM you may want to lock in a great fixed rate before rates rise higher.

Reducing your current rate by as little as 1/4% can save you TWO YEARS off the life of your loan!

Contact us for assistance in determining your potential savings.

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Do You Have an FHA Mortgage ?

If you do this January, 2015 Federal Announcement is Amazing News For You and could save you significantly for No Closing Costs!
Current Mortgage FHA?

If your current mortgage is an FHA mortgage there are BIG changes as of January, 2015 !
Also mortgage rates for a 30 yr. FHA average 1/4% lower than a Conventional mortgage.

Announcement - For all new 30 yr. FHA mortgages the maximum monthly MIP is based on a factor of .85%. In 2014 that factor was 1.35%. This announcement may allow anyone currently in an FHA mortgage to take advantage of the FHA Streamline program and significantly lower their mortgage insurance. Essentially this will save FHA borrowers 1/2% on their payments. This is the first DROP since 2009 in the FHA Insurance Premium rate.

If you have an FHA mortgage then it is important to know WHEN you last financed. That is because the MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium) which is part of your monthly payment has gone up multiple times since 2009. But the GOOD NEWS is that on January 26th, 2015 the MIP rates are falling back to pre-2010 levels ! They are effectively falling .5% on 30 yr fixed rates.

Contact us for assistance in determining your potential savings.

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Do You Have an VA Mortgage ?

As a veteran, or active duty member of our Armed Forces, you are eligible to participate in possibly the greatest refinance available – the VA Refinance.
VA Rates are even LOWER than Conventional Mortgages !

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Do You Currently Pay Mortgage Insurance ?

Home values have gone up in most areas. You may be able to refinance and eliminate your mortgage insurance.
If you have mortgage insurance :

If you had less than 20% equity in your property the last time you financed then you have some form of Periodic Mortgage Insurance. (PMI or MI or MIP). You should see a line item on your mortgage statement telling you what you pay for this. Mortgage Insurance protects the lender in the even of a foreclosure.

If your property value has increased since you last financed then you may be able to lower, or eliminate, that costly mortgage insurance. Many areas of the country have seen significant increases in home value.


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